Strategic objective
Supporting the realization of a three-track strategy knowledge (knowledge development, -application and -dissemination) in the regio West Flanders / Nord-Pas de Calais by strengthening the knowledge in their role as cross-border interface between knowledge institutions and enterprises with innovation potential.

Operational objectives

  • Encouraging and practical organizing the development of a systematic cross-border cooperation between Flemish and French excellence in the region of West Flanders / Nord-Pas de Calais in terms of following thematic clusters: ICT & image, nutrition & health, textiles and new materials, transport & logistics and cleantech.
  • Developing the competencies within the knowledge centers and companies in the region West-Vlaanderen/ Nord-Pas Calais through cross “tandems” to better assist in the development of their innovation potential.
  • Stimulating structural cooperation between knowledge centers and their relationship with the excellence centers and enterprises in the region West-Flanders / Nord-Pas de Calais.
  • Developing cross-border clusters of enterprises, linked to the developed tandems in the context of their innovation strategy. These clusters of companies act immediately as controls to assess the impact of project implementation in cross-border economic reality.



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